Wihlborgs Syd AB's AGM

The Annual General Meeting of Wihlborgs Syd AB on 11 April resolved to re-elect the board members Anders Elsell, Bo Forsén, Kerstin Fredriksson, Anders Jarl, Sten K Johnson, Erik Paulsson and Johan Qviberg. Lars Sköld, the former group manager of Sveaskog AB, was elected as new member of the board. The meeting furthermore resolved that the board be paid a fee of SEK 750,000, to be distributed as the board thinks fit. At the statutory board meeting Erik Paulsson and Kerstin Fredriksson were re-elected as chair and deputy chair of the board respectively. It was resolved that the nomination committee should include representatives of the three biggest shareholders in the company at the end of the third quarter of 2005, plus a representative of the smaller shareholders, who in turn are represented by Aktiespararna [Swedish Association of Share Investors]. Two of the committee members may not be included in the company's board. The committee must be appointed and these appointments must be publicised six months before the 2006 AGM at the latest. It is not proposed that the committee members be paid any fee. The AGM furthermore resolved to authorise the board, at the latest by the time of the next AGM, to acquire and transfer their own shares. The maximum permissible acquisition of shares at any juncture is the equivalent of 10 per cent of all the shares the company has issued. It was also resolved that there be a new issue of 519,382 shares. This new issue will amount to SEK 5.1 million. The AGM also resolved to authorise the board, on one or more occasions before the time of the next AGM, to make a decision on a new share issue totalling 10 per cent of the share capital, with or without deviation from shareholders' preferential rights, and with the right to decide on settlement per contra in accordance with Chap. 4 Section 6 of the Companies Act. The AGM finally resolved to form a profit-sharing foundation in Wihlborgs Syd AB on terms similar to those applying to Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB. Wihlborg Syd AB refers to the company, including properties in the Öresund [the Sound] region, which it is proposed be distributed amongst the shareholders (see press release 13.12.2004). For further information please contact: Erik Paulsson, President and CEO Tel. +46 (0)8-555 148 18, +46 (0)733-87 18 18; Olle Knaust, Deputy CEO Tel. +46 (0)8-555 148 10, +46 (0)733-87 18 10; Mats Berg, Communications Manager Tel. +46 (0)8-555 148 20, +46 (0)733-87 18 20.

12 Apr 2005 2:25 PM

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