Nomination Committee adjusts its proposal to the AGM

Fabege’s Nomination Committee, consisting of Anders Silverbåge (Brinova Fastigheter AB, Chairman of the Nomination Committee), Peter Lindh (representing Maths O Sundqvist), Erik Törnberg (Investment AB Öresund) and Jan Andersson (Swedbank Robur Fonder) have been informed of the deal reached between Brinova Fastigheter AB and Investment AB Öresund (see separate press release). Following discussions with the Directors concerned, the Nomination Committee has decided to revise its proposal to the Annual General Meeting of Fabege.

Compared with the previous proposal (see report published 23 Feb 2007), the change means that Erik Paulsson will be nominated as Chairman of Fabege while Mats Qviberg is nominated as Director. Stefan Dahlbo has declined re-election. In the Nomination Committee’s opinion, Erik Paulsson has both the skills and the commitment required as well as a unique expertise about Fabege, and he has therefore been nominated as Chairman even though he has previously been the company’s CEO.

As regards Directors’ fees, the Nomination Committee proposes the following:
• SEK 365,000 to the Chairman of the Board in his capacity as Chairman as well as a separate compensation of SEK 835,000 for project work, which has been described in a previous report from the Nomination Committee,
• SEK 180,000 to each of the other Non-Executive Directors,
• SEK 125,000 in compensation for work on the Board’s Audit Committee, of which SEK 50,000 to the chairman and SEK 25,000 to each of the other three members.

9 Mar 2007 8:45 AM

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