Nomination Committee for AGM 2008

At Fabege's AGM on 27 March 2007 it was decided that the Nomination Committee, which is to propose board members, will comprise representatives of the four largest shareholders. The names of the Nomination Committee's members and the owners they represent are to be announced at the latest six months before the AGM and are based on the known ownership immediately before the announcement. In accordance with the decision the following Nomination Committee has been formed, based on ownership as of 31 August 2007 and known changes thereafter:

Anders Silverbåge (Brinova Fastigheter AB)
Peter Lindh (Maths O. Sundqvist)
Per Ovrén (Investment AB Öresund)
Jan Andersson (Swedbank Robur Fonder)

In total the Nomination Committee represents about 31 per cent of the votes in Fabege.

The AGM will be held in Stockholm on 3 April 2008.

Shareholders wishing to contact the Nomination Committee can do this by e mailing or writing to Fabege AB, Nomination Committee, Box 730, SE 169 27 Solna.

Fabege AB (publ)

3 Oct 2007 3:30 PM

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