Fabege launches green MTN programme

By establishing an MTN programme characterised by special terms and conditions governing sustainability and environmental issues, Fabege is launching a new “green” financing alternative in an amount of SEK 2,000m.

Demand for green bonds for financing environmentally sound and sustainable assets is on the rise. By formulating corresponding terms and conditions and integrating them into its MTN programme, Fabege can offer investors an opportunity to participate in the financing of selected sustainable properties by purchasing the bonds issued by Fabege under the programme.

Fabege, Handelsbanken and MSA have jointly devised a new funding product by establishing a “green” MTN programme, with special terms and conditions in respect of sustainability and the environment integrated into the MTN programme. Accordingly, all bonds issued under the programme will be green bonds. To ensure that the programme satisfies the meticulous sustainability requirements that have been set, Sustainalytics, an independent research and analytical institute, has examined the green terms and conditions of the MTN programme. The intention is to list the bonds issued under the programme on the Nasdaq Stockholm Sustainab le Bonds List. The resellers of the programme will be Handelsbanken and Swedbank.

Fabege pursues ambitious sustainability efforts encompassing all aspects of its operations. Fabege also wants to work actively to bring about a more responsible capital market. Fabege’s ambition is that its green funding will rise at a rate that matches theenvironmental certification of its property portfolio. The aim is that all of Fabege’s properties will be environmentally certified by 2018.

- “We are delighted to be able to continue our objective of financing our operations through green programmes, at the same time as taking the lead in developing the market for green funding. This favourably matches our ambitious sustainability work,” comments Åsa Bergström, Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer of Fabege.

The earliest transaction date is expected to be during the second quarter of 2016. Prior to that, the opinion of Sustainalytics and an English translation and summary of the green terms and conditions of the MTN programme will be published on Fabege’s website; fabege.se/greenmtn

Fabege AB (publ)

22 Apr 2016 7:50 AM

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