Electrolux Professional to move to Glädjen at Hornsbergs strand

Electrolux Professional has signed an agreement with Fabege to move to Franzéngatan 6 and the Glädjen district. Its new Group headquarters is now being created, a large showroom for a wide selection of products and demonstration kitchens for training. In total, the company is renting 1,300 sqm and is expected to move to the premises in June 2021.

Electrolux Professional is already sited in Stadshagen today, but is now moving closer to the city pulse at Hornsbergs strand. Franzéngatan 6 in the Glädjen district offers both terraces and showrooms in a street environment. There has been a great deal of interest in the property, and the work on renting out the floors higher up in the building is in full swing.

“As a company that has recently been listed on the stock exchange, we want to create a clearer identity of our own, which is something we can do in these new premises. The relatively central location with excellent communications also plays a key role in our decision, as we have many visitors – both Swedish and international,” says Jacob Broberg, SVP IR and Corporate Communication at Electrolux Professional.

Hornsbergs villastad was an area created at the end of the 19th century but never became a major success, despite the romantic district names such as Tillflykten (Haven), Glädjen (Joy), Lyckan (Happiness), Kojan (Cabin), Paradiset (Paradise) and Lustgården (Garden of Eden). The roads were also named in a similar style, such as Rosenstigen (Rose Way), Jagarstigen (Hunter’s Way), Ulvstigen (Wolf Way) and Lärkstigen (Larch Way). Thanks to the large housing project initiated in the early 2000s, the industrial character of the entire area changed to what Hornsbergs strand is today, a popular residential area with an urban waterside area that attracts visitors from all over Stockholm. Fabege currently owns the Glädjen, Paradiset 23 and Paradiset 27 districts.

“We’re very happy to welcome Electrolux Professional to Fabege and Franzéngatan 6 in Stadshagen. It is with great enthusiasm that we will now create an inspirational working environment for their employees and a fantastic demonstration kitchen for chefs,” says Andreas Malmsäter, Letting Manager at Fabege.

In 2012, Hornsbergs strandpark was inaugurated, stretching 400 metres along Ulvsundasjön bay in Västra Kungsholmen and making it possible for Stockholmers to walk around Kungsholmen beside the water. The area is 14,000 sqm and includes footpaths, Kajparterren (a slightly raised horizontal disc slightly leaning towards the water), unhewn stone, a number of jetties for swimming and sunbathing, and gardens with space for picnics and even salsa courses. The quay’s wide promenade, with its many restaurants and a few houses on the green slope down to the water is a natural place to stop for coffee for those taking a stroll around Kungsholmen – a walk of just over 10 kilometres, featuring many of Stockholm’s most beautiful views.

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More information on Electrolux Professional:

Electrolux Professional is one of the leading global providers of food service, beverage and laundry solutions for professional users. Its products are manufactured in 12 plants in seven countries and sold in over 110 countries. In 2019, Electrolux Professional had global sales of SEK 9.3 billion and approximately 3,600 employees. Electrolux Professional’s series B shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

6 Oct 2020 7:00 AM

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Klaus Hansen Vikström, Deputy CEO and Director of Business Development, +46 (0)70-239 34 81
Andreas Malmsäter, Letting Manager, tel. +46 (0)8-555 148 62, or +46 (0)73-986 15 08

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