Fabege is included in the sustainability index Global Challenges (GCX)

Fabege is the first real estate company to qualify for GCX. The fact that all investment properties are environmentally certified according to BREEAM In-Use and all new production is certified according to BREEAM-SE is the reason for the inclusion in the index.

GCX comprises 50 international shares in companies that make pioneering contributions to tackling global challenges such as climate change, ensuring access to clean drinking water, deforestation, biodiversity, population development, poverty and global governance.The value of products and certificates based on the Global Challenges Index today amounts to over EUR 700 million, which is proof both of how interested the capital market is in truly sustainable investment opportunities and of the index's brilliant results.

The initiative for the Global Challenges Index was taken in 2007 by Börsen AG, which operates the stock exchanges in Hamburg and Hanover. Other Swedish companies in GCX are Atlas Copco AB and BillerudKorsnäs AB.

“Certifications are a great tool for creating long-term sustainable project development and property management through clear management by objectives. Certifying a building is a team effort and I am therefore particularly pleased and proud that this work has garnered attention and recognition. As a plus, the result benefits our entire business, including the opportunity for green funding,”says Mia Häggström, Sustainability Manager at Fabege.

Fabege AB (publ)

4 Sep 2020 12:00 PM

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Mia Häggström, Head of Sustainability, 08-555 148 54, mia.haggstrom@fabege.se

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