Fabege supports school children in Flemingsberg

Attaining the qualifications needed to get into upper secondary school is one of the most important factors in securing a better future in our modern knowledge-based society. Fabege has therefore signed an agreement with the educational foundation Läxhjälpen as a main sponsor, to help support more children in schools. The aim is to help more pupils achieve upper secondary school entrance qualifications and make personal contacts with university students.

In the 2019/2020 academic year, 16,480 Swedish ninth graders (aged 16) had still not managed to achieve upper secondary school entrance qualifications at the time of leaving school. That’s roughly 15 per cent. Parental education level is the single most important factor affecting a pupil’s chances of passing their exams at the end of compulsory schooling. For pupils whose parents have a high level of education the figure is lower, while it is higher for those whose parents have a lower level of education. The non-profit foundation Läxhjälpen runs a results-focused and structured homework help programme in schools with below national average results, with support from the business community and other organisations. The programme helps ensure more pupils pass their exams at the end of compulsory school, and gives them confidence for the future.

“We want to make a difference in the neighbourhoods where we operate, for example by helping children and young people get a good education, enjoy meaningful leisure time and, in the longer term, find a route into the labour market,” said Mia Häggström, Head of Sustainability at Fabege.

Thanks to the grant from Fabege, Läxhjälpen can now run its Homework Help programme at Annerstaskolan for three years, starting in the autumn term of 2021. Pupils at the school who are at risk of not achieving upper secondary school entrance qualifications will be offered a place on the programme, in which dedicated university students help them with their studies and setting goals for the future. The idea is to bolster pupils’ self confidence in their ability to learn, and give them personal contacts and role models in the form of their student mentors.

“We’re delighted about this new, long-term partnership with Fabege, which we hope will help more children get into upper secondary school and therefore boost positive social development in Flemingsberg,” commented Erica Hagström, regional manager, Läxhjälpen Foundation.

If you would like to find out more about the foundation and its work, visit: https://laxhjalpen.se/.

FabegeAB (publ)

14 Sep 2021 7:30 AM

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