New appointment for Arenastaden and reinforcement in business development

On 18 August, Sanel Hasic will be assuming responsibility as Market Area Manager in Arenastaden, while Niclas Ternstål will be taking up a bespoke role in business development, tasked with continuing to run and develop Fabege’s range of solutions for customers.

Sanel Hasic most recently held the position of Regional Manager, Stockholm North, at Hembla, which comprises around 7,200 apartments and approx. 60,000 sqm of commercial premises. In his role of Regional Manager, Sanel held ultimate profit and budget responsibility for the entire region, focusing primarily on increasing the value of the properties and establishing a good, secure residential environment for the tenants. He will be taking up his new duties on 18 August.

“It is a fun and important assignment to, together with our customers in Arenastaden, continue to develop the area's attractiveness and build on the collaboration between the companies that is unique right here. The settler spirit that developed with the big moves a number of years ago has deepened and I look forward to an autumn full of activity, ambitions for the future and relationship building”, says Sanel Hasic, the new Market Area Manager for Arenastaden.

With Sanel Hasic assuming overall responsibility in Arenastaden, Niclas Ternstål will be stepping into a new, bespoke position in business development. Niclas has spent much of the pandemic period running a major development project in the field of the office and working life of the future, and as from autumn, he will be dedicating himself to continuing the development of Fabege’s customer portfolio. Since 2015, Niclas has been in close dialogue with some of Fabege’s biggest customers in Arenastaden and possesses in-depth knowledge of the increased demands on flexibility and the new needs that have emerged and begun to take shape during the pandemic.

“Fabege’s customer philosophy is remarkably simple: there should be two winners in a deal. This requires us to always have our finger on the pulse, and to develop our range of solutions far beyond the walls of the office. The WAW concept is a clear example of Fabege daring to go its own way – and there are more in the pipeline”, relates Niclas Ternstål.

Fabege AB (publ)

17 Aug 2021 7:30 AM

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