Fabege acquires development property in Flemingsberg

Fabege is acquiring an additional development property from Skanska, with a central location in Flemingsberg. Generatorn 10 is situated in the heart of the future Stockholm South Business District, right next to the planned public transport hub north of Regulatorbron bridge. The acquisition brings the addition of approximately 35,000 sqm of commercial space.

Together with previous acquisitions from Skanska at the southern approach to the area, Fabege now has two further pieces of the puzzle in place in the development of this new town centre. Work is now continuing on a local development plan for the area, which is an important part of the vision for a thriving Flemingsberg, attracting 50,000 workers, 50,000 residents and 50,000 visitors.

“Our goal is twofold: to create an attractive hub for businesses south of the city, and to develop safe residential environments with a vibrant social scene close to public and regional transport. These two acquisitions are key to the continued development of the town centre,” commented Charlotte Liliegren, Head of Urban and Property Development at Fabege.

In July 2019, Fabege announced the acquisition of Generatorn 11 from Skanska. This development property at the southern station approach comprises approximately 30,000 sqm of residential and commercial space. Skanska continues to have a presence in the area via its ‘At Focus’ project, and has previously completed several residential and commercial projects in Flemingsberg.

Alfa Laval’s new offices and the high-tech innovation centre comprising just over 20,000 sqm will be located in the heart of Stockholm South Business District, with the move scheduled for 2025. The Royal Swedish Opera and the Royal Dramatic Theatre have also decided to relocate parts of their operations to Flemingsberg in 2024.

FabegeAB (publ)

27 Jan 2022 2:00 PM

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