Our city districts

Our city districts

For us, it is all about life, and how it is lived locally. We think urban development is about so much more than construction. Our commitment extends beyond individual houses, to the site, its facilities, the environment and the people populating them. In the neighbourhoods that we are focused on and own, we have an opportunity to take responsibility for the whole, taking a long-term approach in order to create a pleasant setting for residents, workers and visitors alike.

We have a clear strategy for our property portfolio, in locations that tie Stockholm together, from Arenastaden in the north to Flemingsberg in the south. All the areas are, and will become, increasingly important hubs, especially for rail transport. This gives customers and residents easier access to the whole of the regional labour market.

We believe that the life lived locally is perhaps even more important though. Green spaces, restaurants and services are important for safety and well-being. So are the social sustainability initiatives that we support, such as the Pep Parken in Solna for play and movement, and the TalangAkademin in Flemingsberg.

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Epic every day - this is the location of the Friends Arena, the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia, companies like SEB, Telia Company, ICA, Vattenfall and a vibrant urban environment. 

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Vision Haga Norra

Haga Norra is the next major development in Arenastaden. It offers a carefully selected mix of cafés, restaurants, offices and homes, with a strong emphasis on meeting places. 

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Solna Business Park

Solna Business Park is currently one of Stockholm’s top areas for companies and their employees. With the city’s best transport hub after the central station, great services and exciting neighbours, the area is an important arena for companies and their staff.

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Stockholm inner city

Stockholm likes to call itself “the Capital of Scandinavia”. When it comes to the office market, it’s no exaggeration. Stockholm inner city is the largest market in the Nordic region. And we’re one of the biggest owners.

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Hammarby Sjöstad

Do you want to work in an area that is somewhat different from most other areas? Which really stands out as a result of its location, history and creative atmosphere? Then welcome to Hammarby Sjöstad!

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Vision Flemingsberg

Here we make hearts beat - it is the people that make a city. And Fabege builds for people. The development of Flemingsberg is one of Sweden’s largest development projects and a key element in the development of Stockholm.

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