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Hammarby Sjöstad

c/o Fabege

A fully-fledged city district

Do you want to work in an area that is somewhat different from most other areas? Which really stands out as a result of its location, history and creative atmosphere? Then welcome to Hammarby Sjöstad!

Numerous companies that are looking for a dynamic central location and creative office environments have found a new home in the area’s mix of completely new buildings and redeveloped old industrial buildings.

Hammarby Sjöstad has a vibrant neighbourhood feeling, and is full of a wonderful mix of residents, visitors and people who work there. The proximity to water gives the district its very own character, combining archipelago and city.

In good company

A wide range of services

There is a wide range of services available in Hammarby Sjöstad. Regardless of whether you need to run errands, work out, enjoy delicious food, hold conferences or stay at a hotel, everything is close at hand.

Restaurants catering for all tastes

A 3,000 sqm gym

A wide and varied range of services

Running path next to the water

Uphill and downhill

The Hammarbybacken ski slope is just a stone’s throw away!

Vacant premises

There are more than 120,000 square metres of opportunities in Hammarby Sjöstad. You can search among our upcoming projects, retail premises and existing vacancies here.

Life between the buildings

When we develop our districts, we want to create the best possible place for the people living and working there. It's important that they are lively, pleasant, and safe - both before, during, and after our construction projects. Therefore, we think far beyond the properties and work to strengthen life between the buildings, create safe meeting places, services, and features that get people talking. We want to create human, playful, diverse, and surprising urban environments - with the goal that you should feel good here!

Read more about everything we do between the buildings

Carnegie Brewery

The district’s very own brewery


A building that is the embodiment of functionalism

Take the boat to work

Light rail just around the corner

Good bike paths

Subway to Hammarby Sjöstad

The Blue Line of the metro is being extended from Kungsträdgården to Nacka, with new stations at Sofia, Hammarby Kanal, Sickla, Järla and Nacka.

The project is expected to be completed by 2030.

More information is available on Region Stockholm’s website.

Read more about the subway at Region Stockholm’s website
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