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Solna Business Park

Solna Business Park

Solna Business Park is now one of Stockholm’s best areas for companies and their employees. With the best transport hub after the central station, great services and exciting neighbours, the area is an important arena for companies and their staff. The city district is now being improved significantly, from being a really good area for offices to a vibrant neighbourhood with residential properties, more visitors and even better service.

Welcome to Solna Business Park.

Restaurants serving lunch and dinner

Two hotels

Good shopping is never far away

Why choose Solna Business Park?

Being able to offer employees a good workplace is more important than ever before. Both at work, in terms of good office premises, and nice environments and meeting places, as well as after working hours, in terms of good local services and good transport links.

In Solna Business Park, you can do your errands, work out, eat and hold a conference or stay at a hotel. The proximity to Sundbyberg centrum, with its shops, cafés, pubs and restaurants, adds even more vibrancy to the area.

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Opportunities to work out and exercise

Bicycle service

Do your errands easily and conveniently

In good company

We would like to present some of the companies that have chosen to have their headquarters in Solna Business Park.

Solna Business Park in the future

Early illustration


Vision Solna Business Park

The transformation of the city district is now beginning, from previously being a good area for offices, with one of Stockholm’s best transport hub locations, into a vibrant city district of the future.

Early Illustration Early illustration
Early Illustration Early illustration


Early illustration

World-class architecture

The area is being developed with world-leading architects and focus on functionality, aesthetics and well-being.

Stimulating environment for office workers

As part of our vision, we are developing approximately 200,000 square metres of office space in the area. The office premises will be modern, efficient, flexible and BREEAM-certified.

Residential properties

In addition to office space, we will develop approximately 100,000 square metres of housing.


Additional greenery is being added to the area, to diversify it more and create a feelgood factor.


Early illustration


Early illustration


Early illustration

Premises available in the area

In Solna Business Park we have a large number of upcoming projects, retail premises and existing vacancies. Curious?

Life between the buildings

When we develop our districts, we want to create the best possible place for the people living and working there. It's important that they are lively, pleasant, and safe - both before, during, and after our construction projects. Therefore, we think far beyond the properties and work to strengthen life between the buildings, create safe meeting places, services, and features that get people talking. We want to create human, playful, diverse, and surprising urban environments - with the goal that you should feel good here!

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The best transport links after Central Station

New transport centre 2025

7 minutes to Stockholm Central

30 minutes to Arlanda airport


Think new, think differently, think Solna Business Park.

Early illustration
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