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Welcome to our library of news! Here, we bring together the news we convey in our social media channels and in newsletters sent to our customers. We hope that you’ll learn something new about us and our passion for long-term sustainable urban development, or about how we want to make it easier for all those spending time in our districts to navigate their daily lives.


  1. Attracting talent from all over the world

    The right location and flexible premises boost recruitment opportunities.

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  2. Welcome to Arenastaden, ICA!

    Today, 28 January 2019, is moving-in day for ICA, as they relocate their headquarters to Arenastaden.

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  3. A home built for Tre

    At the end of September it was finally time for telecom giant Tre to move into its newly constructed offices in the Globen district.

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  4. Flemingsberg transformation into international business hub

    50,000 new workspaces and homes and a denser urban environment than in the inner city.

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  5. A little exercise – big benefits

    We Swedes are one of the world’s most sedentary peoples. This has consequences for our health. Click to read how small doses of daily activity make a big difference.

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