Sustainable mobility

Creating a more sustainable city district is not only about building environmentally certified and energy-efficient buildings, many of the important efforts are also in the transport sector.

In the wake of the pandemic years, being able to get to and from work quickly and smoothly has become even more important. A large proportion of our customers opt for public transport, but we are also seeing an increased demand for parking spaces and charging points for electric cars.

Electric vehicles, charging posts and car-sharing

We are continually installing car charging stations both at properties and in street environments to make it easier for our customers’ employees to travel sustainably. We can already offer 1,200 charging points, but to meet heightened need we have launched an ambitious expansion project to double the number in 2023. In addition, our entire service car fleet is made up of electric vehicles. We are also driving the development of mobility hubs offering sharing services for cars and bikes, as well as dry cleaning, food deliveries and similar services.

Travel habits - analysis and plans

We work with the CERO (Climate and Economic Research in Organizations) process tool, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint from travel to and from our properties. According to the latest travel habits survey among Arenastaden employees, as many as 80 per cent travel sustainably to and from their workplace. No other district in Sweden comes close to this figure.

Together with companies in Arenastaden, the municipality, Keolis and MTR, we have a network that has now developed a new plan of action to increase the proportion of sustainable travel. Planned measures include the continued roll-out of charging points for electric vehicles, improved cycle paths, new and/or improved public transport connections and an extended range of sharing services for electric cars, electric mopeds and electric bikes.

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Cooperation for shared transport

In Arenastaden, we work with RagnSells through our co-owned company Urban Services. The purpose of the partnership is to jointly transport, fossil-free and quietly, goods and waste into and out of the district. Central to the initiative is the creation of a co-loading centre where all suppliers drop off and pick up parcels. Parcels destined for shops and offices in the area are then delivered by low-emissions vehicles in a coordinated and structured way. New office tenants began to join in 2020, and by 2022, around 50 percent of our tenants in Arenastaden had some form of agreement with Urban Services.

Published 2 July 2023

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CERO - travel habits survey

Arenastaden has high ambitions when it comes to sustainability. The aim is to create an attractive and long-term sustainable district...

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