Energy efficiency enhancements

We’ve worked systematically on energy issues for over 20 years and achieved excellent results. Our ambition is to be an industry leader in energy efficiency and sustainable office properties.

Fabege’s energy strategy takes a holistic approach to the energy issue for our properties, districts and projects. Imposing stringent environmental requirements when purchasing energy and customising energy use to tenants’ needs using digital technology are important tools for reducing energy consumption. We monitor and analyse energy usage hourly to identify any deviations in energy performance early on. The current goal for our properties is to reduce the energy requirement to 77 kWh/m2 Atemp. Extensive checks are conducted at building and company level via an energy follow-up system that scans and processes all recorded consumption values.

Considerable emphasis is placed on continually promoting energy efficiency improvements in our day-to-day work as well. We only use ‘Good Environmental Choice’ district heating in the properties in Solna and Sundbyberg, and for Stockholm inner city we buy carbon neutral district heating. We also cooperate with tenants on reducing their energy use, primarily by increasing the number of green leases. The aim is for green leases to account for 100 per cent of the total lettable area above ground.

Focus areas

Our energy strategy has a strong focus on both our processes and working methods linked to how we work with the energy issue, but also what technology we should use and improve in our properties and districts.

Important focus areas in our energy strategy include:

  • expansion of renewable energy,
  • geoenergy solutions,
  • power optimisation,
  • cooling recycling from server rooms,
  • improved heat recovery in ventilation and
  • customising energy use to tenants’ needs using digital technology.

wind power

electric service vehicles

lower CO2 emissions

Our energy strategy includes key areas such as recycling cooling from server rooms, building envelope efficiency measures, improved heat recycling in ventilation and customising energy use to tenants’ needs using digitalisation.

In 2015 we installed a geothermal energy plant under the entire Trängkåren district in Marieberg. We heat up 800,000 sqm of bedrock and save energy equivalent to that consumed in 125 houses annually. Want to know more? Read more >>

In 2018 we will start building the first zero-energy hotel in Sweden. The hotel will be completed in 2021 and run by Choice Hotels. 

Changed 10 October 2022

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