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Travel habits and expanded public transport

Previously you could build a new office along the E4 European route and the company that decided to move there thought that it was highly accessible. This isn’t how it works today. Today’s employees require extensive public transport options and the opportunity to cycle to work. This is one of the reasons why all our offices are located near the rail network and that we always make sure our customers’ employees have access to both cycle parking and changing rooms.

cycle parking spaces in Arenastaden

SEK 180m
to the Yellow Line

Cycle pool
in Solna Business Park

When a company moves to a new location, there are good opportunities to influence the travel habits of its employees. Suddenly you can evaluate your route and find new and often more healthy ways to travel.

We encourage our customers to conduct a travel habit survey prior to and after the move to see how they’re contributing to reducing carbon emissions thanks to changed habits.

In Arenastaden, for example, we’ve created 3,000 new cycle parking spaces and built a large number of changing rooms. And in Solna Business Park there’s a cycle centre with indoor parking up top and the opportunity to take a shower at the Actic gym. Many of the companies that have moved in estimate that up to 25 percent of employees will choose to cycle to work.

Contributes to public transport expansion

Stockholm is growing and so is its public transport system. We are actively involved in transport issues and have chosen to contribute SEK 100 million to the extension of the yellow metro line to Arenastaden.

Our Hammarby Sjöstad area will also have its own entrance to the metro. The actual station will be under the canal, and one entrance will be in Hammarby Sjöstad, with the other on Södermalm. More variety in forms of transport and more frequent services are high up on our wish list.

Published 14 January 2019

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