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New borders

Street Gallery - Vampyr by Ida Idaida

We are proud to have welcomed one of the most exciting contemporary young Swedish artists, Ida Idaida, to Street Gallery c/o Fabege. Ida is educated at the Royal Academy of Arts and received the Maria Bonnier Dahlin scholarship in 2020. She is at the very beginning of her career. A career that we, and many others, are convinced will be extremely interesting to follow.

About the exhibition:

Vampyr (vampire): a response to a condition.

An abstraction, something born of what all people have (in common) - blood; life. The vampire is a living dead, an exploiter. As a living dead, it feeds on what it lacks - a soul. The transaction takes place in blood to transmit loss, deficiency and emptiness. In violence, when the vampire puts his teeth in you, it penetrates your surface. You are useful; consumed. You are left without life or wake up as a vampire. You are empty, suffering from scarcity so you suck yourself drunk for someone else to carry your emptiness. Through us, it spreads symptomatically.

The exhibition took place between 20 May and 31 August 2021 on Smidesvägen/Svetsarvägen in Solna Business Park.

Hål (Holes), 2021

Bolts in pine, thorns of wood, hoses, textiles, artificial leather, and iron pipes


Vampyr (Vampire), 2021

Draining gutter (hoses, MDF, sheet metal, stainless steel sheet, and well water)


Porösa trösklar (Porous thresholds), 2021

Carved and hollowed-out bars in pine (treated with oil paint), bread (treated with ketchup, jam, cheese) on metal fittings, insect nets, textiles, artificial leather, pine, polyester plastic, hoses, fly larvae, and flies

Porösa trösklar, 2021

Instrument, 2020

Oak (including holes), threaded steel, screw-nuts, textiles, carved and scored thorns of wood, hoses, and iron pipes (complete with cavities and voids)

Instrument, 2020

Truth is not delivered whole but received in parts a rotten corpse flesh slushed acid rain burn the scars, 2018

Flies, acrylic glass, plastic, steel, iron, chain, gears, cord, camera and light bulb