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Why Fabege?

The team. Not the ego.

At Fabege you’ll find a great amount of team spirit. We’re often different, but driven by the same values – towards the same goals. Those who enjoy working for us are real team players who always put the team before their ego. Our values (SPEAK) are written in black and white. But perhaps more importantly, they’re part of our daily work and everything we do.

We believe in everyone’s equal value. And payment to match.

All those who work for us are part of a profit-sharing foundation, with everyone receiving an equal share. Whether you’re serving our customers, working in the office or a member of the Executive Management Team.

For us it’s yet another way of boosting team spirit and highlighting the part everyone plays in our joint success.

Feel good. Perform better.

Nobody can have missed that we’re competitive people who enjoy exercise. But beyond the superficial charm of competition lies a deeper concept. Everyone at Fabege is to be provided with the best conditions to give their best. And this requires health, both physical and mental, being incorporated as a crucial and incontrovertible piece of the workday puzzle.

The big company and the little organisation.

Fabege is a large listed company that develops urban districts worth billions of Swedish kronor. You might imagine that our size would be reflected in the number people working for us. Many are surprised when they realise how few of us there actually are – only around 180 people. It goes without saying that each individual is crucial to the business. And that each new employee is always recruited with great care.

Fabege – a Great Place To Work

In 2020, we achieved certification from Great Place To Work through our fantastic results from the employee satisfaction survey, which had a response rate of an impressive 99 per cent. An amazing 93 per cent of our employees think that overall, Fabege is an excellent workplace, and 93 per cent would also recommend Fabege as an employer.

We’re particularly delighted that the results of our employee survey have improved during this challenging pandemic. The pandemic has affected all of us and forced us to change our way of working and interacting with our colleagues and business partners.

Our core values

We work on the basis of the shared core values, ‘SPEAK’, that permeate the entire operation. Speak stands for the keywords Fast, Informal, Entrepreneurial, Business-minded and Customer-focused.

Read more about our core values
Changed 18 March 2021

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