Business concept and strategy - Fabege

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Business concept and strategy

What, why and how?

Fabege develops long-term, attractive city districts. Our concept isn’t primarily about constructing buildings. It’s about creating the conditions to help people and companies thrive. Through cooperation and the efficient use of resources, we create value for our owners, customers and their employees.

Business concept

Fabege works with sustainable city district development, with a primary focus on commercial properties within a limited number of well located submarkets in the Stockholm area. Fabege aims to create value by managing, improving and actively adjusting its property portfolio through sales and acquisitions.

Strategy for growth

Fabege’s strategy is to create value by managing and developing the property portfolio and through transactions, acquiring and divesting properties with the aim of increasing potential in the property portfolio. Fabege’s properties are located in the most liquid market in Sweden.

Corporate culture

Fabege works on the basis of the shared core values, ‘SPEAK’, that permeate the entire operation. The values encompassed by SPEAK are Fast, Informal, Entrepreneurial, Business-minded and Customer-focused. Training and skills transfer is a continuous process and a natural part of every employee’s personal development plan.

Published 15 November 2018