Safe cycling in winter

An increasing number of Stockholmers are opting to cycle to work. Newly-built bike parks make the commute much easier.

“I cycle two or three days a week to get some exercise and to be sure I get home in time to fetch the children,” says Emma Rosling, who works for Veidekke at Solna Business Park. “I live on the island of Färingsö on Lake Mälaren, and the traffic jams stretching back towards the Mälaren islands are horrendous. Basically it’s quicker to cycle home, even though it’s quite far. But with an electric bike it’s not so hard, in fact it’s quite enjoyable.”

“Interest in cycling to work is steadily increasing, and it’s something we want to encourage,” says Joel Grönwall, Area Manager at Fabege. “That’s why we’re planning more bike parks.”

New bike parks at Solna Business Park

In other areas, efforts are under way to promote cycling via other solutions. For example, at Solna Business Park, Fabege has now built an indoor bike park next to the Actic gym. For a regular fee, employees are given access to the bike park, where they can store their bike safely, charge it (if it’s an electric bike) and hang damp cycling clothes in a ventilated cabinet and then shower and change in the gym.

Convenient in winter

The bike park opened in May and more and more people are now signing up to make cycling in winter more convenient.

“Cycling to work should be easy,” says Joel Grönwall. “And safe, on the roads as well. That’s why we’re going to have a discussion with Solna Municipality to come up with suggestions as to how to promote cycling. For example, we could have safer cycle paths and better signage to highlight the routes.”

Tips for safer cycling in winter

Good gear to have with you:

  • CO2 cartridge/small pump
  • Spare inner tube
  • Tyre lever (for changing tyres)
  • Extended mudguards
  • Studded tyres


Wear a helmet and always indicate!

Created: 20 October 2016

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