Attracting talent from all over the world

The right location and flexible premises boost recruitment opportunities. Goodbye Kansas and The North Alliance – two companies focusing on location whose premises have been carefully customised to their unique needs – will soon be on the move.

The North Alliance and Goodbye Kansas are preparing to move – something they hope will benefit their businesses and opportunities for recruitment. With its move to Hammarby Sjöstad, Goodbye Kansas, which works with visual effects, will be merging three offices into one.

“We’ve grown from 20 to 200 employees in four years. Our success is based on us managing to attract skilled, creative people, and getting them to feel at home and stay with us. As we’re active in a global market, we have to attract talent from all over the world. Our new premises will allow us to become even more attractive as an employer,” says CEO Peter Levin, who currently has over ten different nationalities in his company.

The location of the office is crucial in terms of recruitment, he believes.
“We’ll be at home here close to the water, with good communications and proximity to Södermalm with its cluster of computer games companies and creative industries,” he continues.

At Fabege we are aware that location has become increasingly important in terms of opportunities to recruit the right people.

“In the current business climate and based on the trends we’re seeing in society, candidates are able to demand more from potential employers. Along with the brand, the company’s values and individual development opportunities, communications are given a lot of weight,” says Gunilla Cornell, head of HR at Fabege.

Having the additional opportunity to adapt premises to the unique needs of the business was the decisive factor for Goodbye Kansas.

“Fabege has been very committed to adapting the premises to our needs, which have included constructing the world’s most modern motion capture studio, an opportunity that made the decision to move simple. We’re convinced that this move will constitute a milestone for the company,” she continues.

Beatrice Bogsäter, CFO and project manager at design and communications agency The North Alliance, is also looking forward to having new premises. The agency has chosen Stockholm city centre as its workplace.

“We’re a family of creative agencies that have previously been in different locations. Having an entire building that accommodates all the agencies builds our brand and serves as a platform for creative processes. We need to sit in the same place so that we can interact effectively and be able to link together different agencies and teams when necessary.”

Flexibility and informal meeting spaces play a key role in the daily life of many businesses.

“If the premises don’t allow for spontaneous and flexible meetings and quick checks with people, this sometimes results in irritation and impedes productivity,” says Gunilla Cornell.

A central location was crucial to The North Alliance.

“Being located centrally and having the opportunity to influence the design of the premises were important factors for us. Obviously, we see the location of the office as giving us a competitive edge in terms of attracting staff. It should be easier for employees and customers to get here, and they should feel at home in the premises and its surroundings,” she says.

Created: 12 June 2019

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