A playful element adds a human touch to Arenastaden!

Arenastaden has been transformed into a magnificent meeting place in just a short space of time, boasting fantastic shopping, great companies and one of the world’s most modern stadiums.

And that’s not the end of it – more hotel rooms, long-stay accommodation, new offices and an improved travel centre are all in the process of being built. There’s no doubt this is a thriving, fast-pace district. But we felt that we were lacking a younger person’s perspective and creativity.

At Fabege we are always thinking about the bigger picture when we develop our districts. Every detail is an essential part of the entire experience, and in the spring we approached pupils and teachers at Ulriksdal School to help us create a new feature in the urban environment.

We asked them to come up with suggestions as to how to add a touch of playfulness to Arenastaden. Elements that surprise and get people to stop and admire them for a moment. Something that breaks up the day, something colourful that demands the focused attention of the viewer because it perhaps deceives the eye on first glance.

Ulriksdal School’s art and craft teacher decided that the assignment would be one of the pupils’ potential personal options for the spring term. The pupils were given the chance to both create works of art for specific locations, and explain their thinking behind it.

All the pieces were then shown at an exhibition at the school. Fabege’s jury will select some of the works of art, which will then be brought to life on site during the year.

Created: 02 July 2019

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