Fabege opens Stockholm's first reuse park in Arenastaden

The Reuse Park is a new initiative that will become a central hub for trees, shrubs and outdoor materials that are to be reused but are awaiting relocation to new sites.

The Reuse Park has now opened in Arenastaden in Solna, next to Råstasjön. A former area of gravel has been transformed into a park that will serve as a storage facility for plants and outdoor materials awaiting reuse.

The Reuse Park is a branch of Fabege’s Reuse Hub in Solna Business Park, with the common goal being for them to contribute to a functioning reuse market and thereby reduced climate emissions. The park will also be a welcome addition to the outdoor environment along the streets Råsta Strandväg and Evenemangsgatan.

In addition to trees and shrubs, outdoor materials such as kerbs, shingle, walls, wells, railings, outdoor lighting and benches will be stored at the park. All the materials and plants are registered in Palats, the digital platform we use for tracking our inventory, so that they can easily reused in new construction or maintenance projects.

"The Reuse Park is another factor in enabling us to successfully scale up our reuse efforts, as we believe that intermediate storage solutions are needed to simplify access to materials that are being reused," says Sandra Holmström, Sustainability Specialist at Fabege.

Reuse that promotes sustainability and visits

The Reuse Park has also been built with reused materials. Old wrought ironwork has been transformed into a pergola, and old log mats have been given new life as benches and balance apparatus. Large concrete rings from previous projects are now being used for tree planting, perennials and barbecue areas. The fencing around the park was constructed from reused wood in collaboration with students from Yrkesgymnasiet in Solna. The park has been designed with flexibility in mind so that it can easily be changed as the content changes.

“The project is a fantastic example of how reuse and social sustainability can go hand in hand. I'm proud of how Fabege is leading the way in reuse,” says John McMillen, Project Manager in Projects & Property Development at Fabege.

"We hope that our Reuse Park will become a destination for workers, visitors and residents in Arenastaden, and it will be exciting to see what the flow of visitors to the park looks like,” says Lennart Olsson, Urban Planner at Fabege.

The Reuse Park project was carried out together with, among others, the contractor Zengun and the landscape architects Outer Space Arkitekter.

The Reuse Park is now open for visitors and is gradually being filled with recycled plants and other outdoor materials that will live on here until they can be reused in new locations.


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