Fabege and NIB in 10-year agreement

Nordiska Investeringsbanken (NIB) and Fabege have agreed on a 10-year loan of SEK 432.5 million to finance Scandinavia’s first zero-energy hotel in Arenastaden, Solna, just outside Stockholm.

The new financing is fully in line with Fabege’s financial strategy of a broad spread across multiple sources of capital and a long fixed-term maturity. The loan from NIB adds another source of funding to Fabege’s loan portfolio and the long maturity period strengthens the fixed-term maturity. The loan is secured and finances the Nationalarenan 3 property, which was completed in the summer of 2021. The property is leased by Nordic Choice Hotels, which operates the hotel and long-stay business and also houses the Swedish headquarters of Nordic Choice Hotels.

Through 25 boreholes for geoenergy and a total of about 2,400 square metres of solar panels on the facade and roof, more energy is produced than will be consumed in terms of building energy, which in the long run means net-zero carbon dioxide emissions per square metre for the building – including construction phase, operational energy, materials and disposal.

The building is certified to FEBY Gold Plushus and was also named BREEAM Building of the Year 2021 by the Sweden Green Building Council.

“The loan from NIB supplements our existing sources of financing and contributes to a long fixed-term maturity. We’re delighted that the Nationalarenan 3 project, which we’re very proud of, meets the stringent sustainability requirements set by NIB,” comments Åsa Bergström, CFO Fabege.

FabegeAB (publ)

21 Sep 2022 8:00 AM

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Åsa Bergström, Vice CEO and CFO, tel. +46 (0)70 666 13 80, asa.bergstrom@fabege.se
Mia Häggström, Head of Sustainability, +46 (0)73-387 18 54,  mia.haggstrom@fabege.se

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