Fabege and Tham & Videgård to develop Sveaplan

The vision for Sveaplan is to create a new office building that allows the city’s northern entry point to develop further while taking the existing cultural environment into account. The City of Stockholm and Fabege have carried out parallel drafting assignments and have now awarded the architectural firm Tham & Videgård the task of combining traditional inner city neighbourhoods with new and forward-looking architecture on Fabege’s land allocation at Sveaplan.

The assignment brief stated that the project should create an addition to the “stenstaden” (stone city) frontage architecture, thereby linking the stenstaden with the new route of the road Sveavägen and the entrance to Stockholm’s inner city. The district will be characterised by contemporary architecture with sensual qualities where tradition and future needs meet and contribute to the feeling of a vibrant and urban entrance to Stockholm’s inner city. The new office building will meet future demands for a modern, flexible and attractive workplace with a focus on people, with the cultural environment and sustainability aspects interacting.

The justification in the evaluation group’s statement for selecting Tham & Videgård’s design proposal was as follows:

“Tham & Videgård's proposal has numerous good urban planning and design qualities and a clear architectural idea has been achieved. The proposal is considered to be the most suitable option for adapting to the surrounding urban environment and has the best potential to blend well into the surroundings. The proposal is also deemed to be sufficiently robust and developable within its design concept to enable further development, to achieve the high sustainability requirements that both Fabege and the city have.”

“With the development of Sveaplan, we will create a place full of life and movement in an area that is currently dominated by a traffic solution. We look forward to working together with Tham & Videgård and the City of Stockholm to realise this vision of an environment in which people want to work, be and meet in a beautiful building that Stockholmers can like and feel proud of,” comments Charlotte Liliegren, Head of Urban and Property Development at Fabege.

The design, with arcs and arch forms respectively in the plan view and facade, gives the building a clear identity that enriches the urban space. The rounded corners of the facade create interesting views from and towards the stenstaden. The outdoor environment also contributes greenery to the area and good conditions for trees and stormwater management.

Tham & Videgård comment that creating a new cornerstone in the inner city is a very interesting assignment. They are really looking forward to developing the project, which has the potential to be an extremely attractive and contemporary addition to the traditional stenstaden architecture.

Fabege owns nearby buildings such as the well-known Wenner-Gren Center and the three buildings in the Getingen block on Sveavägen. This enables a holistic perspective, and ensures that there is a sense of responsibility and commitment in terms of developing the entire area in a good way.

The proposal will now be refined and serve as a basis for future detailed planning work. A preliminary estimate of the start of construction for Sveaplan is 2026, as the timetable is affected by the City of Stockholm’s redevelopment of the traffic intersection.

FabegeAB (publ)

31 Mar 2022 8:00 AM

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