Fabege publishes updated prospectus for MTN and an updated green framework

 Fabege is publishing the annual update of the basic prospectus for its MTN programme. In this context, the Green Financing Framework has also been updated. The framework constitutes a standard for green financing that can be used with a number of Fabege’s various sources of funding. CICERO has issued a second opinion on the green framework.

Updated basic prospectus

Fabege set up an MTN (Medium Term Notes) programme for borrowing on the capital market in 2016. In the annual update of the basic prospectus, the framework amount has been increased from SEK 12bn to SEK 18bn. The updated prospectus has today been approved and registered with FI (Sweden’s financial supervisory authority). The prospectus is available on Fabege’s website www.fabege.com and on the FI website www.fi.se.

The basic prospectus is valid for twelve months from the date of approval by FI.

Handelsbanken is the lead bank for the MTN programme and has been appointed issuing agent together with Swedbank, SEB and Nordea. Hammarskiölds has served as legal advisor to Fabege in connection with the update of the basic prospectus.

Updated green framework with alignment to EU taxonomy

The framework has been designed to give Fabege broad opportunities for green financing and is based on third party-certified real estate properties and ambitious energy consumption targets. It is based on the green bond principles, adapted to the EU taxonomy and linked to Fabege’s ambition to contribute to the goals of the 2030 Agenda. CICERO has issued a second opinion with ratings of ‘medium green’ for the green terms and conditions and ‘excellent’ for governance.

Fabege’s objective is for 100 percent of its financing to be classified as green. The new Green Financing Framework can therefore be linked to a number of different funding sources, offering Fabege a broad platform for green financing.

The framework establishes the terms and conditions for the management of funds and for follow-up and reporting to lenders and investors. Reports are sent each quarter as well as in a more comprehensive form annually.

Handelsbanken has assisted Fabege in the work on the updated green framework.

Sustainable financing is an important part of Fabege’s sustainability work, and we are happy to take further steps towards sustainable financing through the new framework, in line with the stricter requirements of the EU taxonomy,” comments Åsa Bergström, CFO at Fabege.

For more information about Fabege’s sustainable financing, see www.fabege.se/en/investors/financing/green-financing/.

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7 Jun 2022 1:00 PM

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