Flemingsberg Block Party aims to create a sense of community and pride in the ongoing urban development

On 15-17 June, Flemingsberg Block Party will take place in the centre of Flemingsberg, featuring music, art, dance and numerous other activities. The festival is being organised by the urban developer Fabege, Huddinge Municipality and Södertörn University, together with local associations and festival organisers.

The aim of the initiative is to strengthen Flemingsberg as a meeting place for knowledge and creativity and to create collaboration and pride in the development of Flemingsberg.

- Flemingsberg is one of Sweden’s biggest and also most important development projects. The long-term vision for the development project is 50,000 residents, 50,000 people working in the area and 50,000 people visiting and passing through it. Flemingsberg is being transformed from a regional centre into an international star, says Camilla Broo, Director of Huddinge Municipality.

- The key aspects in the development project are collaboration, the power of experimentation and contrasts. In Flemingsberg, housing, business, academia and nature come together to create a unique dynamic that we want to strengthen even more. This initiative will give energy and a push to the development work and we hope that the festival will lead to more long-term collaborations and elements in Flemingsberg, says Stefan Dahlbo, CEO of Fabege.

The focus areas for Flemingsberg's development are: a vibrant city centre, an obvious location for establishment, an open university town, a desirable living environment and a sustainable society. The Royal Dramatic Theatre and Royal Swedish Opera will move into their new studios and workshops in 2024 and a new high-tech innovation centre is being developed for Alfa Laval. This is where Stockholm South Business District and a knowledge-intensive and creative cluster are taking shape. New residential areas will also be built.

- The great thing about Flemingsberg Block Party is that we will highlight the local energy and everything that is going on in the area via a big festival in the heart of Flemingsberg. In the analysis we have conducted in the project on the basis of 12 years of citizen dialogues, we have identified wishes that align well with what we are now putting into practice. Campus Flemingsberg is Sweden’s eighth largest campus, with about 20,000 students, and is an important catalyst in the development of Flemingsberg, says Sara Ferlander, Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Södertörn University.

- What is new and inspiring about Flemingsberg Block Party is that the organisers and participants consist of an exciting mix of both young people in Flemingsberg and more experienced festival organisers. It will have a great programme! There will also be the possibility to view the development plans for Flemingsberg in a special exhibition area, says Karin Lekberg, Project Manager for Flemingsberg Block Party.

Flemingsberg Block Party is part of a three-year development project supported by the innovation agency Vinnova. The programme for the three days of the festival will be published in calendar week 21 (late May). Entry to the festival area will be free of charge.

Fabege AB (publ)

17 May 2023 8:00 AM

For more information

Christina Ericson, Market Strategist, Fabege, +46 (0)73-397 33 25, christina.ericson@fabege.se
Sara Ferlander, Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Södertörn University, +46 (0)8 608 45 52, sara.ferlander@sh.se
Karin Lekberg, Project Manager Flemingsberg Block Party, +46 (0)720 77 82 98, karin@landskapslaget.se
Lena Fyrvald, Project Manager for the Vinnova Project, +46 (0)8 535 300 00 (switchboard), lena.fyrvald@huddinge.se

More information

Flemingsberg Block Party http://flemingsbergblockparty.se/
Fabege  https://www.fabege.se/stadsdelar/flemingsberg
Huddinge Municipality www.huddinge.se/stadsplanering-och-trafik/huddinge-bygger/sydvastra/flemingsberg/
Södertörn University www.sh.se

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