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Corona information

We are living in strange times, which result in a need to be very flexible and show extra consideration to each other. We are following developments in our buildings and areas closely, and adapting our business operations to customer needs and the expectations of society. To help our customers increase their flexibility, we have reopened our WAW offices, but with a limited number of people so that everyone can keep a good and considerate distance from each other. We have also limited the opportunity to visit us in person until further notice, but are available as always via email, telephone and fault reporting.

Our technicians are on site at our local offices to ensure that we maintain a high level of service, but you may not perceive their presence in the same way as before, as we avoid making unnecessary visits. We fully understand and respect customers who do not wish to receive visits. As mentioned before, we have arranged extra cleaning in the parts of the properties for which we are responsible, we ensure that effective cleaning agents are used for all the surfaces that many people touch and we continue to inform our tenants about new decisions that affect their everyday lives. We also ask you to please show great consideration to each other and to keep your distance when using lifts. We all have different specific situations and react differently to what is happening around us, so sensitivity is even more important at the moment.

Let’s continue to show consideration to each other and together follow the Public Health Agency’s guidelines.

If you have questions about this, please get in touch with your contact person at Fabege.

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WAW closed!

Due to the Public Health Agency’s recommendation to work from home if possible, we closed WAW offices until further notice.

If you have any questions, you can contact Marie Vikström on 070-255 27 98 or send an email to

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SEB - Europe’s healthiest building

SEB’s office in Arenastaden have recently achieved Fitwel’s healthy building certification. It is the first property in Europe to be awarded three stars, which only five percent of those that apply for the certification manage to achieve.

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Over 70% travel sustainably to and from Arenastaden

We’ve been working with the CERO method for several years now to develop sustainable travel to and from Arenastaden. In 2019, Arenastaden was recognised with the CERO benchmark – low-carbon district award for its excellent results and positive impact on climate.

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Green leases

Our green leases are a unique platform for us as the landlord and our tenants to reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

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Indoor climate

At Fabege, our ambition is to always deliver the best possible indoor climate, taking long-term sustainability into consideration. Here, we will explain how people experience temperatures differently, and what you can do to influence this.

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Green electricity contract

Fabege tenants with their own electricity subscriptions can sign a contract for green electricity with Fabege’s electricity supplier, Vattenfall.

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Easy ways to cut energy costs

Would you also like to find out more about how to save energy? Here are some tips and advice.

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