Fabege wants to ensure it has a responsible approach to business in all aspects. We consider this to be a prerequisite for achieving long-term profitability. This affects our ability to attract customers and also skilled staff, the value of our properties and the level of pride among our employees, our ability to handle future climate change and also the assessment of us by both analysts and equity and bond investors.

Green financing is a natural extension of the sustainability efforts that are conducted throughout the organisation. This ensures more responsible financing for us. More importantly, it also gives us a broader investor base, trusting relationships with our financers and pride and commitment among our employees.

Green MTN-programme

Fabege has had an MTN (Medium Term Note) programme with special conditions relating to sustainability and the environment since 2016.

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Green commercial paper programme

Our commercial paper programme is linked to our green framework.

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Cicero's opinion

To ensure that the green framework meets the high sustainability requirements, the independent research institute Cicero has examined the green framework.

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In June 2022, Fabege updated its framework for green financing.

The purpose of the framework is to create a standard for green financing that can be used with a number of Fabege’s various sources of funding. The framework has been designed to give Fabege broad opportunities for green financing and is based on certified real estate properties and ambitious energy consumption targets. The framework is based on the green bond principles and Fabege’s aim to contribute to the 2030 Agenda goals. CICERO has issued a second opinion with a rating of medium green for the green terms and conditions and a rating of excellent for governance.

Fabege’s already existing green MTN programme, a green commercial paper programme and a green back-up facility for the commercial paper programme will be connected to the new framework in a first step.

The framework also establishes the terms and conditions for the management of funds and for follow-up and reporting to lenders and investors. Reporting will take place quarterly, as well as in a more comprehensive form annually.

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Green financing in numbers*

  Credit lines Outstanding loans and bonds
Green MTN-bonds, SEKm 9,764 9,764
Green bonds via SFF, SEKm 600 600
Green commercial papers, SEKm 2,519 2,519
Green loans, other, SEKm 26,823 20,963
Total green financing, SEKm 39,706 33,846
Share of green financing, % 100 100
Total green facilities, SEKm 50,553  
 of which free green facilities, SEKm 13,705  

*per 30 June 2023

Annual Report 2022

At Fabege, we are proud of how far we have come in our sustainability work, but at the same time assume that everything has the potential to improve. Therefore, our annual report is a good tool for simultaneously mapping, evaluating and driving our sustainability work.

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