Investment case - Fabege

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Three good reasons to own Fabege shares

1. Focus on urban development and commercial properties

As a result of recent years’ efforts to concentrate our property portfolio to selected geographical areas and our focus on the office market, we are now one of the most specialised property companies in the Swedish property market.

2. Clear geographical concentration – we are developing Stockholm

The fact that we have a presence in a select number of fast-growing submarkets in the Stockholm area creates many advantages. It means we have a good knowledge of the market and efficient management. Stockholm is the Swedish economy’s growth engine and demand for modern offices is expected to rise.

3. Significant potential in project portfolio

We are Stockholm’s largest developer of office properties and in recent years we have accounted for over 50 per cent of all new office production in the Stockholm region. We have a large portfolio of development rights in our books.

Changed 5 October 2020