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The innovation project with only half the climate impact

The innovation project with only half the climate impact

In a traditional new construction project, about 450 kg of CO[2]/sqm is currently emitted. Fabege is now starting to design Parkhuset in Solna Business Park, which is expected to achieve emissions of 225 CO[2]/sqm – this is only half the climate impact compared to a traditional new construction project.

In order to achieve a 50% reduction in the climate impact, building parts from a demolition project in Solna Business Park will be reused, for example. Together with RISE, NCC and Codesign, an investigation has been carried out to ensure that parts from the concrete framework can be reused for the construction of Parkhuset. A preliminary result of the investigation shows that approximately 3,500 sqm of hollow-core elements can be reused, which corresponds to a saving of about 300 tonnes of CO2. In addition, Parkhuset will be built with a wooden framework and with climate-smart material choices throughout the entire project. This will help us reduce emissions to 225 CO2/sqm.

- “We have just completed Scandinavia’s first zero-energy hotel – and now we are raising the bar further with one of Sweden’s most interesting new construction projects. We are aware that we and the industry as a whole have a huge task ahead of us, but at the same time we regard the transition towards a sustainable and profitable business sector with a long-term perspective as being a major opportunity,” says Stefan Dahlbo, CEO of Fabege.

A focus on innovation from three perspectives

Solna Business Park is an evolving district. There is much on the horizon, on a large and a small scale. With the Parkhuset, we are focusing on innovation from three perspectives: sustainability, new ways of working and putting people first. It is being developed with the big transition in mind, taking into account people’s ways of working, the role of the office, climate impact and well-being. 

About the building:

  • Newly built, state-of-the-art premium offices
  • Fantastic roof terraces designed to capture the sun
  • Directly connected to a park and green spaces
  • Atrium with plenty of natural light
  • Large entrances
  • Garage, bicycle garage and café inside the building

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A pilot project in two ways

Parkhuset will be a pilot project in two ways – both as the first project to be designed in Solna Business Park’s upcoming transformation, and also as the first project in the “Rehouse – constructing buildings from buildings” research project. Rehouse (Återhus) enables the reuse of heavy building components in an industry-wide transition to a circular economy, and focuses on reusing core parts and concrete and steel façades in new construction and redevelopment. The project consists of 13 collaboration partners and is being carried out with support from Sweden's Innovation Agency, Vinnova.

- “We have defined high sustainability targets for Fabege by stating that by 2030 we will have reduced our carbon footprint by 50%. Rehouse gives us the opportunity to test achieving a halved climate impact in a new construction project already now, so we see no reason to wait with this approach. We want to challenge not only ourselves but the entire industry, and we hope that with Parkhuset we can also inspire others to think outside the box," says Erik Dahlström, Head of New Production and Manager of Rehouse at Fabege.

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Parkhuset park

Solna Business Park 

Major changes are set to take place in Solna Business Park, as it is transformed into a new, attractive area for both businesses and residents over the coming years. Parkhuset – an 8-storey office building with approximately 31,000 sqm of gross floor area – will be the first project to be designed. This provides a unique opportunity to be involved as a customer in setting the tone at an early stage and in making the major transition regarding working methods, the role of the office, climate impact and well-being.

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