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Epic every day

This is the location of the Friends Arena, the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia, companies like SEB, Telia Company, ICA, Vattenfall and a vibrant urban environment. In fact, more than 14 million people come to the city district every year.

Arenastaden is now a fully-sustainable city district with top quality housing, offices, hotels and high-class transport links.

The best shopping in the Nordic region

Restaurants for all tastes

World-class events

In good company

14 million visitors to Arenastaden each year

Fantastic services

Arenastaden offers an extensive range of services, the aim being to make it easy to run errands, work out, enjoy delicious food, hold conferences and stay at hotels. And it succeeds in this.

Mall of Scandinavia: Larger than Mood, NK, Gallerian and Sturegallerian put together. It has a total of 224 shops and restaurants, spread over more than 100,000 square metres of floorspace. The Designer Gallery™ features exclusive brands, fashion and lifestyle stores as well as a selection of pop-ups. The Dining Plaza brings together over 20 restaurants in what is Stockholm’s largest restaurant area.

The Filmstaden Scandinavia cinema boasts Sweden’s first commercial IMAX® as well as the largest screens in the Nordic countries and several VIP salons. 

High quality hotel and conference facilities

The Quality Hotel Friends is also located in this city district, with its 400 hotel rooms and 22 conference rooms. In addition to those in Quality Hotel Friends, there are also other conference facilities in the area.

More harmony

Close proximity to the Råstasjön lake and Hagaparken, great running trails, a swimming pool and gyms. The perfect conditions and the right location make it easier to recruit and retain employees.

Råstasjön is just a stone’s throw away

400 hotel rooms and a sky bar

All types of exercise

100,000 sqm shopping

Sustainability in Arenastaden

Arenastaden has high ambitions when it comes to sustainability. The aim is to create an attractive and long-term sustainable district that people enjoy spending time in.

All the office buildings built in the area and the Mall of Scandinavia are environmentally certified. In Arenastaden, all the electricity that is purchased for the office buildings is generated by wind turbines, and all the district heating and district cooling networks carry the Good Environmental Choice label. 

In June 2019, we carried out an extensive travel habits survey among the roughly 22,000 employees for whom Arenastaden is a workplace. The results of the survey reveal that an impressive 52 percent of employees travel to and from their workplaces in Arenastaden in Solna using public transport, and that a further 20 percent cycle or walk. According to associate professor Markus Robèrt at SEED, Strategic Sustainability Studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, this is the highest recorded result for sustainable travel to date in the ten districts that were analysed.

Click to read more about how we work with CERO

Picture from Evenemangsgatan

Vacant premises

It would be easy to believe that the city district is finished, but in fact we are only halfway so far. 250,000 square metres of building rights still remain to be developed. Going forwards, the focus will be on completing the epic big picture with smaller, but no less important, stakeholders and touches. The aim is to create a good mix of building types, where life continues even after working hours.

You can search among our upcoming projects, retail premises and currently available vacancies via the links below.

Close to everything

4 minutes to central Stockholm
30 minutes to Arlanda airport
10 minutes to Bromma airport
57 seconds to the Mall of Scandinavia
25 minutes by bicycle from Stureplan

All roads lead to Arenastaden

Whether you are travelling by car, bus, local train or bike, you can easily get to Arenastaden.

The area is strategically located next to Solna station, which provides access to local trains and the light rail link, which terminates here. About ten bus lines pass through the area, and the city district is close to the E4 motorway and also close to Arlanda and Bromma airports.

  • 4 minutes to central Stockholm
  • 30 minutes to Arlanda airport
  • 10 minutes to Bromma airport
  • 57 seconds to the Mall of Scandinavia
  • 25 minutes by bicycle from Stureplan

Yellow line to Arenastaden

The metro is to be extended with the addition of a new line from Odenplan to Arenastaden. This Yellow Line will join up with the Green Line’s track at Odenplan. Passengers will thus be able to travel from Arenastaden to the central station and also further south without having to change trains at Odenplan. Residents of the southern parts of Stockholm will be able to travel directly to Hagastaden, Södra Hagalund and Arenastaden using the Yellow Line.

More information about Yellow Line is available on Region Stockholm’s website.

Region Stockholm's website

Friends Arena

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Life between the buildings

When we develop our districts, we want to create the best possible place for the people living and working there. It's important that they are lively, pleasant, and safe - both before, during, and after our construction projects. Therefore, we think far beyond the properties and work to strengthen life between the buildings, create safe meeting places, services, and features that get people talking. We want to create human, playful, diverse, and surprising urban environments - with the goal that you should feel good here!

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Residential properties

Interested in living in Arenastaden? On Peab Bostad’s webpage you’ll find the perfect apartment in the area to match your needs.

Read more about residential properties on Peab Bostad's webpage

Friends Arena

Arenastaden is home to the Friends Arena, Scandinavia’s largest and most modern indoor arena and Sweden’s national stadium. The stadium holds up to 75,000 visitors attending world-class events and creating memories for life.

Visit Friend Arena's webpage for more information about the arena and upcoming events

The Winery Hotel

You’ll find The Winery Hotel just a stone’s throw away from Arenastaden. The hotel attracts visitors from all over Sweden with its 184 rooms, in-house winemaking, wine bar, delicatessen, restaurant and Sweden’s largest winery offering tastings of wines from all over the world.

Visit The Winery Hotel's webpage for more information

Westfield Mall of Scandinavia

At Westfield Mall of Scandinavia you’ll discover a unique combination of design, fashion, technology, entertainment and dining from all over the world. 

Visit Westfield Mall of Scandinavia's webpage for more information
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