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Haga Norra

A new city district is emerging

In Haga Norra, a new city district with a unique character and a fantastic location near central Stockholm, and with Hagaparken and Arenastaden just around the corner, is now taking shape. With a mix of residential properties, offices and visitors, the area will be alive around the clock, with a focus on quality of life.

Welcome to Stockholm’s most pleasant city district.

A new city district

Vision: 100% Pure quality of life

Haga Norra will be the place we have long been missing. The one we have all seen during our travels on the continent. The one that actually once existed in this country, but which has been lost in the meantime. The one that will now make a comeback.

One wants to be seen here, and you will be seen here. In Haga Norra, it should be easy to become a regular – whether at one of the neighbourhood’s cosy restaurants or at the local butcher or baker.

Haga Norra will be a mixed-use area full of individuals. You won’t find the big chains here, but instead small personal boutiques, shops, cafés and restaurants.

2,500 people live and 5,000 people work in the city district. The mix of homes, offices and visitors will make the area alive around the clock, with a focus on quality of life.


Life between the buildings

Haga Norra is designed to promote life between the buildings for those who live, work and visit Haga Norra.

The high quality communal areas allow the creation of places with bustling city life and plenty of outdoor action, and pedestrians and cyclists are prioritised. The area includes a lot of greenery, and the indoor and outdoor areas are intertwined, for example by having certain restaurant and service areas in pavilions.


Architecture with classic qualities

The architecture of Haga Norra captures the best of the classic early 20th century (art nouveau) style but with a modern twist. Clear characteristics include attention to detail, durable material choices, high ceilings and large windows.


Location, location, location!

Haga Norra has fantastic surroundings that provide the city district with numerous important characteristics.


Information and timetable

Offices in Haga Norra

In Haga Norra, Fabege is developing attractive office premises featuring classic early 20th century (art nouveau) architecture with a modern twist. The commercial office space will have access to a cutting-edge office concept featuring high quality services for companies and employees. A total of 60,000 square metres of office space to suit both large and small businesses is being developed. The first offices will be ready for occupancy in 2024.

Please contact Marie Meyer on 08-556 747 23 or marie.meyer@fabege.se for more information.

Contact us på Fabege

Residential property in Haga Norra

BRABO is developing the residential properties in the area. The flats will have access to communal areas such as a gym, spa/lounge, hobby room and co-working space. As a resident in the area, you will also have access to a carpool. Properties in the first phase will be available for purchase in 2020, and can be occupied from 2021.

Read more about the residential properties at brabostockholm.se

Bilia’s new office and showroom

Bilia's new offices and Europe’s most modern car showroom is being built in Haga Norra. The new premises will open in February 2021.

Read more about project Bilia