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Stockholm inner city

c/o Fabege

Sweden’s engine

Stockholm likes to call itself “the Capital of Scandinavia”. When it comes to the office market, it’s no exaggeration. Stockholm inner city is the largest market in the Nordic region. And we’re one of the biggest owners.

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Vacant premises

Here, you will find our vacant offices and retail premises in the city centre.

Current vacancies Retail premises

Life between the buildings

When we develop our districts, we want to create the best possible place for the people living and working there. It's important that they are lively, pleasant, and safe - both before, during, and after our construction projects. Therefore, we think far beyond the properties and work to strengthen life between the buildings, create safe meeting places, services, and features that get people talking. We want to create human, playful, diverse, and surprising urban environments - with the goal that you should feel good here!

Read more about everything we do between the buildings

Our vision: A Swedish Carnaby Street

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