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We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. Here, we bring together our press images, press releases, news articles and other items of interest. Our goal is to maintain a high level of service, so if you think something is missing, just get in touch with us in the communications department and we’ll try to help you in the best way possible.

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Fabege acquires property and holding in the consortium SBD from WA Fastigheter

Press release 16 Jul 8:00 AM

Flemingsberg is currently the site of Sweden’s biggest urban development project. Fabege has acquired the Regulatorn 2 property, which has a central location in the area and constitutes a key piece of the puzzle in the development of the district of Flemingsbergsdalen. In connection with the acquisition, an agreement has also been entered into with WA Fastigheter for Fabege to be the sole owner of the consortium SBD.

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Interim-report January-June 2020

Press release 6 Jul 7:30 AM

During the second quarter, the effects of Covid-19 on our earnings became visible through rent rebates and decreased property values. However, our projects progressed as planned, without any larger disruptions. Net letting during the first half of 2020 amounted to SEK 20m. The renegotiations decreased in volume due to the pandemic but contributed positively to the rental value. During the quarter, two properties were acquired.  

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Fast-growing technology company signs contract with Fabege

Press release 11 May 2:20 PM

The fast-growing Swedish technology company Mentimeter, with over 80 million customers and users in obver 200 countries, is now moving its Swedish headquarters to the architectural gem Tulestationen in Vasastan, central Stockholm. The premises are located in the old turbine halls by the courtyard, accessible from Tulegatan, and are about 2,300 sqm with a rent of approx. SEK 16m. The contract runs for five years and the company is expected to move onto the premises in April 2021.

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Work Away from Work = WAW

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. That’s why we’re offering our customers access to three new workplaces around Stockholm. We call it WAW!

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Sustainability Day in Hammarby Sjöstad

For the sixth year running, Fabege and Städa Sverige organised Schysst Sjöstad to coincide with the global climate strike!

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Solna gets its first Pep Park

1 September saw the official opening of the first Pep Park in Sweden. A park featuring apparatus and equipment for play, movement and daily fitness for everybody!

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Intressant reflektion från en av våra kunder. #fastigheter #aktiehandel #aktie #kontor

Klockan 10:00 kör vi igång. Lyssna på vad fastighetsbranschen anser om läget. #aktier #fastigheter

Imorgon, onsdag 8 juli, är det dags för Kapitalmarknadsdagarna 2020 som i år hälsar dig välkommen till en fartfylld digital livesändning i sann Båstadanda! Läs mer om programmet och livesändningen på

Ett halvår med utmaningar och nya möjligheter. Covid-19 har utmanat oss men vår utveckling fortsätter. Läs mer i vår #halvårsrapport på! #q22020 #delårsrapport

Ett halvår med utmaningar och nya möjligheter. Covid-19 har utmanat oss men vår utveckling fortsätter. Läs mer i vår delårsrapport på!

Hur går det för fastighetsbranschen? Bli uppdaterad och lyssna på vår presentation av Q2 på måndag 09:30. #aktier #fastigheter #finanstwitter

@KarlsonMatilda @Pareto_Sverige Fabege, slå en signal till vår IR-ansvariga så ordnar han en intervju med CFO eller CEO.

Paretos nya val till svenska modellportföljen "Marknaden anses däremot vara för pessimistisk med den nuvarande substansrabatten på 28 procent (epra nav)." #aktier #fastigheter

Inställt #Almedalen då gör våra rum största nytta. 25 personer med begränsad ekonomi bjuds på hotellnatt i Visby #almedalen

Investeraren: Det här är en guldgruva för fastighetsägarna Intressant, hoppas han får rätt #aktier #fastigheter #Digital

Barclays "Office revolution: Unleas (h)ed "We do not believe offices will go the way of retail." "Rent is a low cost for occupiers: on average rent cost are only7.12% of total salary expenses." Veta mer? Ring vår IR-ansvariga #aktier #fastigheter

Hur ser vi på utvecklingen i #Flemingsberg? Varför satsar vi på södra Stockholm? Klicka på länken och titta på vår vVD Klaus i Business Arena Talks. #aktier #fastigheter #Huddinge

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