Fabege’s biggest (ever) solar energy installation in operation!

Solar energy is now being produced on an office roof at Solna Business Park that will cut the building’s carbon footprint. A fossil-free, local energy system that doesn’t produce any emissions during operation is a key aspect for a more sustainable Stockholm.

It is a 228 kW installation (the limit for being an energy producer is 255 kW), and according to calculations it will supply 224,000 kWh/year. This corresponds to the total annual electricity consumption of just over 11 normal-sized homes, and will cover roughly 20% of the building’s electricity requirements.

“This particular office building has a large flat roof in a sunny location, which is relatively unusual for office properties. We don’t have many roofs that suitable, so it feels great to start with an installation that makes an immediate difference,” explains Caroline Ödin, Energy Strategist at Fabege.

One of Fabege’s new energy targets is to increase the use of solar panels in the long term. This means that Fabege will build at least 5 kWh/sqm in new construction and on many existing roofs as well. An average of at least four installations are planned per year at 80 MWh up until 2030.

“We’re just in the process of completing the requirements specification for how our solar panel installations will look, and we’ll soon be starting work on more installations in our existing portfolio. Contributing to a more low-carbon Stockholm is an issue close to our hearts here at Fabege,” says Caroline Ödin.