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Residential properties

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SHH Bostad = Fabege

We are urban developers who focus on the whole.
The whole person. The whole company. The whole area. The whole time.

Our districts should be vibrant, attractive and safe. Residential properties are an obvious component when creating such an area. People should want to live and spend time in our districts throughout their lives. As part of making sure they do, SHH Bostad is now part of Fabege.

We know that it is the mix of buildings and the life going on around them that makes a district attractive and safe for those who live there. As a wholly owned subsidiary, we are able to take a holistic approach to urban development in our areas. At SHH we develop our residential projects and public-sector properties so that we can create districts to live in – and this encompasses schools, pre-schools, care homes, culture and a wide range of services. 

By developing the whole district, we can, for example, control the choice of facade materials and the location of entrances to create an attractive, vibrant and safe district. This allows us to design what is best for the specific residential project, but also for the district as a whole.

Through the acquisition of SHH, we are now able to take overall responsibility for our districts and create even more attractive areas.

Charlotte Liliegren, Head of Urban and Property Development

Our residential projects

Here you can see a selection of our residential projects. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Click the link to view all our residential projects on the website of our housing developer SHH.

Living in Haga Norra

The first homes in Haga Norra have been sold and the first residents have already moved in. The apartments have access to a gym, rooftop terraces with outdoor cooking areas, and co-working space.

We are developing the next phase of residential properties together with our housing developer SHH Bostad, with sales expected to start after summer 2022.

Read more about residential properties at shhbostad.se


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About SHH

We have been part of Fabege since autumn 2021 and are a nationwide company that develops affordable and functional properties.

We aim to achieve this without compromising on quality or environmental standards, and we work with reputable construction companies able to meet our quality and precision requirements.

Our business activities cover the entire chain from the purchase of land for residential and public-sector properties to their sale, as well as the long-term management of public-sector properties. 

Read more about SHH

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CEO SHH Bostad
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City and property developer
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