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Networks and partnerships

Building urban districts is not a job for lone wolves. Many different skills are required along with enthusiasts who ensure that visions become reality. In the long term, we always work closely with municipalities and develop the city together. We also get regular help from people outside the company with expertise in certification issues, sustainability forums and cross-industry bodies, ensuring that we develop as an industry.

Then there are other forms of collaboration that are close to our hearts and where we get the chance to support positive social development in a more sociable way.

Active children

We like to see children and young people getting exercise and eating healthily. We know it improves both their quality of life and their life expectancy. For a child today, a healthy lifestyle can mean another six years of life. We work on these issues with a number of sports associations, Prince Daniel’s Generation Pep and the Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation.

It’s not only in the areas of diet and exercise that children may need support. At least as important is our work with Childhood. The soul also needs to be in good shape, and we want the children in our city to have as good conditions for this as possible.

Pure for Sure

Pure For Sure is an exercise and education programme produced by Stiftelsen Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation. Since 2011 the Foundation has run several projects that aim to raise the level of knowledge about doping in society and the world of sport. The Foundation develops education programmes, films and specialist literature aimed at exercising adults, students and professional sports people. It sees a great need for preventive measures in relation to young people and people who exercise outside the world of sport.

Read more about Pure For Sure

Our other collaborations


The Swedish Energy Agency’s customer group for properties, read more at>>


(Swedish Property Federation) a trade organisation working for a sustainable and well-functioning property market>>


Environmentally assessed building materials, efficient and accessible project management. Read more at,>>


Sweden’s biggest operative environmental organisation. Read more (in Swedish) at stä



Forum for sustainable properties, 
City of Stockholm. Read more at >>


Comprises women’s and youth sports.


Comprises women’s and youth sports

Changed 9 August 2021

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