Building the city together

Building a sustainable and attractive urban district is not something we can do alone. Brave visions and a wealth of expertise are required. A common understanding of the goals and effective team work are essential. Involving more players in the collaboration also means work that is twice as stimulating and that takes in a greater number of different perspectives. We all benefit from this.

From industrial area to vibrant district

During the transformation of Dalvägen industrial area into Arenastaden in Solna, many of us fought side by side along the way, when few people believed in our vision and the media took a negative stance. By our side were players including an energetic, business-focused municipality, a player that develops the most sustainable centre facilities in the world, a fearless and enterprising hotel owner, a highly qualified housing developer and skilled construction companies that focus on the work environment and environmental issues.

Brave customers led the way

On our journey we were accompanied by brave customers who shared our vision of an attractive location for their employees. We received and still receive help from politicians and civil servants who are expanding the infrastructure, and we have a skilled operator at Friends Arena that has helped ensure the fourfold growth of the tourism sector in Solna in recent years.

Only halfway in Arenastaden

And for those who aren’t so familiar with Arenastaden, we’ve only come halfway. More hotels, long-stays, new offices and more apartments are now being built. Preschools and the metro will also come to Arenastaden. Also, we will be covering parts of the track and developing a travel centre. And we dream about our site being the northern stop for Arlanda Express.

As entrepreneurs, our work is never done. We’re constantly identifying new opportunities wherever we are.

Changed 22 June 2023

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Urban development

Fabege develops long-term sustainable urban districts. Our concept isn’t primarily about constructing buildings. It’s about creating the conditions to help people and companies thrive.

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Social sustainability and cooperation

Building urban districts is not a job for lone wolves. Many different skills are required along with enthusiasts who ensure that visions become reality.

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