BREEAM very good

Europe’s most modern showroom

In the heart of Haga Norra - which is currently being transformed into a new vibrant district - Bilia has now moved into its new office and Europe's most modern showroom for cars. It is the first building to be completed in the area and it officially opened in February 2021.

Interview with Björn Marell

Björn Marell is Bilia AB’s Property Manager, and he is delighted with the result.

We asked for a cutting-edge, full-servicefacility, tailored to our concept requirements and with the very latest in logistics solutions. Things have really changed on since we moved into our former property in 1973, and it just wasn’t viable any longer. We saw a need for a shake-up for ourselves and our way of working by taking on a modern facility that can cope with today’s needs, and we’re delighted to have achieved this alongside Fabege.”

Björn explains that the staff at Bilia have been curious and positive throughout the project:

“We’ve had lots of viewings during the construction, taking all our employees to the site to show them their new workplace. The project has grown into a great product and we have only had positive reactions from our employees.  We’re moving from an old building to the most modern and unique facility. There’s nothing else like this in the whole of Sweden, so everyone’s been extremely positive about the move.”

Björn also points out that the effective partnership with Fabege and the contractor Zengun has been a key factor:

“We have enjoyed a close and effective dialogue throughout the process. Sharing the same building with the project management has meant we’ve never been far away from each other, and it’s been a considerable advantage that has made our work easier. Of course we haven’t always been in agreement, but it’s important to have certain discussions and dialogue, and it’s thanks to these that we’ve achieved such a great end product.”

Bilia has appreciated Fabege’s strong focus on sustainability:

“We’re delighted that you have ambitious sustainability requirements, and this facility gives us the best opportunities to achieve our own energy targets at Bilia. In addition to reviewing our operations and our consumption, we have installed the largest number of charging units for electric cars in this branch compared with any other. We think it’s great that you are certifying buildings to BREEAM standard, because we haven’t had that opportunity at any other location.”


On the south side of Frösundaleden and the west side of Kolonnvägen, there are clear urban structures that the new Haga Norra district builds further on through its neighbourhoods and streets.

The first neighbourhood, with Bilia’s showroom and apartments above it, is being given an open and varied facade overlooking the square, harmonising with the content of the new area. The facades along Kolonnvägen are solid and heavy, providing protection against the traffic while the large openings take advantage of their south-facing location. On the ground floor, the other facades towards Alma and Sylvangatan gain the character of a shopping street, with openings the size of shop windows, enabling a variety of content and a well-illuminated pavement. In all the neighbourhoods, the entrances lead onto streets and squares, helping to ensure that the district is vibrant around the clock.

Modern, expressive and with its own identity – this has been the starting point for designing the neighbourhood. The task of the building is to set the character for the continued development of Haga Norra.


Europe’s most modern showroom

In the heart of Haga Norra - which is currently being transformed into a new vibrant district - we have created Bilia's new office and Europe's most modern showroom for cars.

  • approx. 37,200 sqm
  • Frösundaleden 4, Solna
  • BREEAM Very good
  • 1 February 2021
  • Solna station
  • Line 176, 515, 177, 513
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Haga Norra

A new, attractive district in a fantastic location.

In a fantastic location, 7 minutes from the city centre and just a short walk away from Arenastaden, a new, vibrant district will soon be emerging.

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