Hotel Giò

BREEAM in use

Winner of the Solna Urban Environment Prize 2020!

Read more about the prize here

An Italian gem

In the 1950s Hagahuset building, we’ve worked with Kom Hotel, which is owned by KFUM Central, to create a hotel and long-stay accommodation with an Italian feel. With its fantastic location just minutes from Hagaparken, Hotel Gió opened in spring 2020, with buses to Arlanda Airport stopping right on the doorstep.

Throughout, great emphasis has been placed on design, personality, sustainability and smart digital solutions. The beautiful, specially designed furniture is now in place and interacts with the genuine 1950s details of the well-known Hagahuset building.

Utilising the building’s fantastic character and details combined with sustainability have been watchwords in the renovation of Hagahuset and in the opening of Hotel Giò. Among other things, a decision was taken to enlarge the windows on the ground floor, and this work thus interfered with the façade of the listed building. This was made possible after original drawings showed that the window sizes corresponded to the original design from the 1950s, which has resulted in a bright and open ground floor.

On 2 December 2020 Hotel Giò was awarded the Solna Urban Environment Prize 2020. Read more about the prize here> 

Hotel Giò

Hotel Giò has now opened up the doors to a meeting place for anyone who wants to stay, eat, socialise and work in a warm, undemanding environment with a loving temperament. The four-star hotel offers 180 hotel rooms, of which 35 are studio apartments with their own kitchenettes, adapted for longer stays. At Hotel Giò you can book a short or long stay, dine at Mama Giò, enjoy a drink in the outdoor bar or work in the lounge.

Behind the concept is Kom Hotel, which is owned by KFUM Central, a non-profit association with 3,000 members that has owned hotels since the 1890s. All surpluses from hotel activities go to the association, which offers activities related to sport, camps, culture, integration and international work, primarily for young people.

"At Giò you’ll be coming home to a big family, a diverse bunch who are genuinely interested in their guests. The spacious lounge offers every opportunity for work, spending time with friends, arranging a get-together or enjoying cosy live performances. That’s why we call Giò ‘the social hub hotel.”

- Torbjörn Brown, CEO, Kom Hotel

Enjoy good food at Mama Gió.

Stay in a studio apartment with its own kitchen.

Make sure you try a workout in the attractive gym! 


Hagahuset on Råsundavägen in Solna was inaugurated in 1957 and is inspired by architect and designer Giò Ponti’s contemporary Pirelli house in Milan. The building has been owned by Fabege since 2016 and is close to several of our intensively expanding areas, such as Arenastaden and Haga Norra. Hagahuset’s location by the entrance to Hagaparken also strengthens the link between city and park.

After more than 60 years of being filled with office workers, the period stairs, artworks and doors of Hagahuset will instead welcome hotel guests.

Warm, unpretentious and loving!

  • Approx. 7,500 sqm
  • Råsundavägen 1-3
  • BREEAM In Use
  • Spring 2020
  • Solna Station
  • Buses 515, 607 and Arlanda Airport buses
  • Fortet 2

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