Tietoevry creates Sweden’s largest tech hub in Arenastaden

Welcome to Sweden’s new hub for the technology sector. Summer of 2022, Nordic IT company Tietoevry moved into a ten-storey office building in Arenastaden. The aim is to create Stockholm’s most modern and dynamic workplace.

In winter 2019, Tieto and Evry, two of the largest IT firms in the Nordic region, merged into a single company. The final stage of the merger was the move to Fabege’s unique Kvarter Poolen property in Arenastaden, Solna. The move to the new office, which consists of ten floors and around 22,000 square metres, was completed in summer 2022, and it is now home to around 2,000 employees.

Tietoevry stairs

“With our hybrid approach to working, the office will become an important and dynamic forum and co-creation space for meeting with colleagues, clients and business partners to network, gain inspiration and be creative. We want our office in Arenastaden to be the new and largest hub in tech-Sweden,” explains Johan Torstensson, Sweden Manager at Tietoevry.

The office is fully zoned, allowing each individual to control their working week and create a flexible environment. It is also adapted for teleworking via Tietoevry’s new hybrid working approach. Three of the floors consist of a co-working arena entirely dedicated to clients, suppliers, students and partners. They include 30 fully equipped meeting rooms, a podcast studio, terraces, a café and free WiFi access.

“Our decision to dedicate three floors to co-working is a move towards creating new ways of meeting and enhancing the appeal of our industry. The skills shortage is the biggest barrier to growth for our clients. There will be a shortage of 70,000 tech workers by 2024 and we need to act quickly to attract, retrain and retain tech talent,” says Johan Torstensson.

Sustainability and reuse key features

Kvarter Poolen, designed by Strategisk Arkitektur, stands out in several ways. Most strikingly, the building is a ‘3D building’, with the office block built around and partly above a swimming pool. This innovative combination has been made possible through close cooperation between Fabege and the City of Solna.

Sustainability has been another important watchword throughout the project. The building is environmentally certified to BREEAM standard, Excellent, thanks to low-carbon choices in building design, materials and energy systems. In addition, more than 80 percent of all removable fixtures at Tietoevry’s new offices have been reused.

“For a long time, aesthetics and design have been the guiding principles, but is it sustainable to be constantly replacing with new things? Furniture has been refurbished, repainted and partially repurposed. It’s unique for such a large space. We believe that a mix of tech and reuse will become the natural choice in modern workplaces,” says Johan Torstensson.


Growing district that has it all

Tietoevry is by far Fabege’s largest tenant in Kvarter Poolen. The lease, which was signed in winter 2019, extends for seven years and is a green lease, in which both parties agree on ways to reduce climate impact. Despite the size of the project, both parties agree that working together has been surprisingly simple and flexible.

“We shared the same goals and vision from day one, which has meant the whole process has been very smooth. Now we’re delighted to finally have Tietoevry settled in at Arenastaden. They have a fantastic office in a beautifully designed building in a district that’s got it all,” says Patrik Carlsson, Property Manager at Fabege.

Arenastaden is a rapidly growing district that attracts 14 million visitors every year. Major companies such as SEB, Telia, Siemens, Svenska Spel and ICA are now headquartered here. The timeless brick building of Kvarter Poolen is also located in perhaps the area’s best signage location, with around 200,000 people passing through daily.

“The combination of top quality service, an international feel, excellent public transport links and modern, environmentally certified offices is attracting an increasing number of businesses to Arenastaden. So Tietoevry really is in good company,” says Patrik Carlsson.

Factfile: Tietoevry

Tietoevry is a leading Nordic digital service and software company. It was founded back in 1968, but got its current name when the companies Tieto and Evry merged in 2019. Tietoevry is headquartered in Helsinki and employs around 24,000 experts globally. The company provides services to thousands of companies and organisations, in the private and public sectors, in more than 90 countries. It generates annual sales of around €3 billion.