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Management's responsibility

The Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for operational governance and for the day-to-day management and leadership of the business, in accordance with the guidelines, instructions and decisions adopted by the Board of Directors.

In addition to the general provisions relating to division of responsibility contained in the Swedish Companies Act, the rules of procedure governing the work of the CEO specify:

  • the CEO’s duty and obligation to ensure that the Board of Directors receives information and the necessary documentation on which to base decisions.
  • the CEO’s role of presenting reports at Board meetings.
  • the CEO’s duty and obligation to ensure that the necessary information is retrieved on a continuous basis from each company in the Group.
  • the CEO’s duty and obligation to monitor compliance with the Board’s decisions in respect of goals, business concept, strategic plans, ethical and other guidelines, and, where necessary, request a review of the same by the Board.
  • issues that must always be submitted to the Board, such as major acquisitions and sales or major investments in exiting properties.
  • the CEO’s duty and obligation to ensure that Fabege fulfils its obligations in respect of disclosure, etc. under the company’s listing agreement with the Stockholm stock exchange.

The rules of procedure also contain a separate reporting instruction, which governs the content and timing of reporting to the Board.

Group management

As of January 2021, the Group management consists of eight persons in addition to the Chief Executive Officer:

  • Deputy CEO, Chief Financial Officer
  • Deputy CEO (external), Director of Business Development
  • Director of City and Property development
  • Director of Corporate Communications
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Projects and Development
  • Director of Property Management
  • Director of Technical Operations

The Executive Management Team holds operational meetings on a weekly basis. Once a month, minuted decision-making meetings are held, during which strategic and operational matters such as property transactions, letting, market trends, organisation and monthly and quarterly reviews, are addressed. The CEO’s assistant also participate in these meetings.

Changed 5 January 2021

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