Principles for remuneration of company management

Company management is defined as the Chief Executive Officer and other senior executives. All Directors, are responsible for preparing a draft statement of principles governing remuneration and other terms of employment for company management, and for preparing decisions on the CEO’s remuneration and other terms of employment.

The Annual General Meeting has approved the following principles governing the remuneration and other employment terms and conditions applying for company management:

  • Remuneration should be market-based and competitive. Responsibilities and executed performance that are in the interest of the shareholders must be reflected in the remuneration. Fixed salary should be reviewed annually. Variable remuneration may not exceed three months’ salary. Senior executives who receive variable remuneration undertake to make a long-term investment (for a period of at least three years) of at least two-thirds of this salary component after tax in shares in the company. The aim is to encourage participation and commitment by offering senior executives the opportunity to become shareholders in a more structured manner.
  • Variable remuneration to company management must not exceed a maximum total annual cost for the company of around SEK 10m (excluding social security fees), calculated on the basis of the number of persons who currently constitute senior executives. Any other benefits shall constitute only a limited part of the total remuneration.
  • The company has a profit-sharing fund covering all employees of the company. Allocations to the profit-sharing fund are to be based on the achieved return on equity and be subject to a ceiling of two base amount per year per employee.
  • The retirement age is 65. Pension benefits are to be equivalent to the ITP supplementary pension plan for salaried employees in industry and commerce, or be contribution-based with a maximum contribution of 35 per cent of pensionable salary. Termination salary and severance pay must not exceed 24 months in total.
Changed 1 February 2022

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