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Work Away from Work

Do you find that you’re losing valuable working time stuck in the Stockholm traffic? Do you sometimes wish the office was just a little bit closer to your meeting, or nursery? Here at Fabege we want to make life easier for our customers by offering their employees access to three new workplaces at various locations around Stockholm. We call it WAW – Work Away from Work.

There are currently opportunities for WAW in Arenastaden, at Gamla Brogatan next to Stockholm central train station and in Hammarby Sjöstad. 

We look forward to seeing you!

A closer office makes life easier!

Simple, attractive and convenient

A top workplace

Our WAW offices are of a high standard, and offer various working options including the classic desk, armchairs and standing desks to suit different needs. Some have several meeting rooms, others just one.

But naturally there’s always plenty of excellent coffee and tea. We don’t allow food to be eaten at our WAW offices, in consideration of everyone working and spending time on the premises, but the offices are always located close to good restaurants and cafés, so there are plenty of opportunities to have lunch and take a break with new or old friends.

We have also invested in great, smart lighting at our WAW offices, provided by Erco. Click here to see a film about it.

Relaxation, inspiration or important discussion?

A comfortable work environment

How it works

In order to use our WAW offices you need confirmation from your employer that the WAW concept is a viable option for you. Sometimes Fabege’s contact sorts this out, sometimes it’s the HR department. Start by having a chat with the person responsible for your offices. They should be able to point you in the right direction. 

Then we’ll enter you into our database and you’ll have access to all our WAW offices via an app on your mobile. You can use the app to book your place and give you access to the office.

Time is money these days, so talk to your employer as soon as you get the chance. Join the WAW generation. See you there!

WAW Stockholm City

Hammarby sjöstad

WAW Arenastaden

How to find us

Choose the office that suits you best at any one time.

Download our app!

Download our app through Apple Store or Google Play in order to use our WAW offices!

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