With our customers.
Through thick and thin.

Another aspect of our long-term approach is our ownership. We always take a long-term view of our relationships. For example, if a customer expands, we’ll help them find a solution. The same applies if they need smaller premises.

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Year-end Report 2022

Fabege's Year-end Report 2022 was published on Monday, 6 February 2023, at 12:00 PM CET.

Download the report or listen to the audiocast in English via link below.

Reports och presentations
Haga Norra

Sustainability House

We are now taking sustainability to a new level by constructing buildings from buildings in Haga Norra - welcome to Sustainability House (Hållbarhetshuset)!

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Solna Strand

Staden Under Tak

A vibrant hub with lake views in the middle of Solna Strand – This is Staden under tak!

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Haga Norra

Office spaces in Haga Norra

Read more about our upcoming office spaces in exciting Haga Norra.

27,000 square metres of modern offices shaped to meet the needs of businesses, with moving in scheduled for 2024.

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Time to find a new office?

Your next office? Here, you can search for your future office. The number of vacant premises varies, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch. We always have more solutions to offer and ones that are different from the norm!

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The bigger picture – what it’s all about.

The fact that we develop city districts and are therefore major owners in our areas means we can take greater responsibility for the bigger picture. From positioning the social areas and visible stairwells to encourage movement, to everything that happens outside the office itself. We know that people who feel good perform better. If on top of that they are able to run their private errands quickly and nearby, then it takes less time and focus away from work.

Life between the buildings