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Press releases

Here, you will find Fabege’s press releases. Regulatory press releases from 2016 are available under the Corporate Press Releases tab, in the “Regulatory information” category.


  1. 2019

    1. Interim-report January-June 2019

      Increased rental income, improved management result and continued value growth

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    2. Fabege acquires an additional development property in Flemingsberg

      Fabege has acquired part of Generatorn 2 from Skanska for SEK 60m.

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    3. Fabege expands green financing platform

      Fabege is establishing a new framework for green financing. The purpose of the framework is to create a standard for green financing that can be used in a number of Fabege’s different sources of funding. CICERO has issued a second opinion on the green framework.

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    4. Change in the management’s holding of shares in Fabege AB

      Via a jointly owned share investment club, Fabege’s management together has a joint shareholding in Fabege AB. The share investment club owns a total of 234,200 shares. In accordance with the share investment club’s statutes, the joint ownership has now been dissolved and the shares have been divested.

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    5. Fabege sells Pelaren 1 in Söderstaden to KPA Pension

      The sale is consistent with Fabege’s overriding strategy of divesting fully developed properties and creating new value by continuing to generate development rights in attractive growth areas in Stockholm. The property transaction is being completed as a corporate sale with an underlying property value of SEK 1,608m.

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    6. The world’s largest communication network is moving to Hammarby Sjöstad, and Fabege

      Publicis Media is a global communications network that is part of the Publicis Group, the world’s largest media and communications network. It is now signing an agreement with Fabege regarding a new office in Luma. The agreement has a duration of 6 years and relates to 2,900 square metres of office space with an annual rent of SEK 10.7m. 

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    7. Fabege’s Vice President to become consultant

      Fabege’s Vice President, Klaus Hansen Vikström, is leaving his post at Fabege for a consultancy role as of May 2019. This is the first step in laying the foundations for a freer role in the future and means that he will reduce his direct involvement in Fabege.

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    8. Fabege outperforms the Swedish energy agreement

      Sweden’s long-term focus for Swedish energy policy, Energiöverenskommelsen (the energy policy agreement), sets a target of 50 per cent more efficient energy consumption in 2030 compared to 2005. Fabege already achieved an actual reduction in energy consumption for its entire portfolio of investment properties of 49 per cent back in 2018 and is now pressing on with its efficiency efforts.

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    9. Arenastaden at the forefront of sustainable travel

      Research shows that society should halve its emissions of greenhouse gases every ten years. This is the equivalent of a reduction in emissions of at least 7 per cent per year if the world is to meet the 1.5-degree target resolved upon at the UN Climate Change Conference held in Paris in 2015.  In order to prove that this is possible, Fabege has decided to continue to drive development towards sustainable travel to and from Arenastaden.

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    10. Interim-report January-March 2019

      Increased rental income and a strong result from property management

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