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Your next office? Here, you can search for your future office. The number of vacant premises varies, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch. We always have more solutions to offer and ones that are different from the norm!

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No dream is too big or too small.

Companies are living organisms that are constantly evolving. What starts out as a small business may quickly grow, require new types of premises, need to increase its space, or want to downsize for a period before growing again.

Finding the perfect solutions together with our customers is an important part of our business’s development. This requires creativity, flexibility and knowledge of the business. It also demands insight into the role played by offices in people’s lives now and in the future.

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The offices and trends of the future

Anna-Lena Carlstedt is working on future offices, trends and development of attractive workplaces, and here, she talks briefly about some of the crucial issues that are frequently discussed.

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Leasing Agent
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