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Welcome to our library of news! Here, we bring together the news we convey in our social media channels and in newsletters sent to our customers. We hope that you’ll learn something new about us and our passion for long-term sustainable urban development, or about how we want to make it easier for all those spending time in our districts to navigate their daily lives.

One click – major improvements

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How have we been doing? Give us your views and help our improvement efforts by providing feedback on your fault report.

100% green electricity

About our Business, Sustainability

Fabege is now replacing all its service vehicles with new electric vehicles that will be charged solely with green electricity.

Pelaren – Söderstaden’s gem

About our customers, About our Business

To the south of the Södermalm area of Stockholm, a new landmark is springing up – ensuring that telecom company 3 has an office that really stands out.

Glass building sets the tone in Råsunda

About our Business

Telenor’s new head office, a glass building featuring a prominent point, is on the verge of completion. The architect behind No1 Råsunda shares his thoughts.