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Assessment and ranking

Can you compete in sustainability? This is a question we often ask ourselves.

We’re competitive people and like to challenge ourselves and our surroundings, but we’ve sometimes had to check ourselves in this area. If we have to choose between responding to surveys and frameworks or reducing energy consumption right now, the choice is simple. We always choose the practical work that gives results. That’s why we’re rarely the best where metrics are concerned but we’re always at the top. Because we work hard.

Here’s a selection of the metrics and assessments concerning us as a company:

GRESB - Green Star

GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), which is an international benchmarking tool that measures and evaluates sustainability work in property companies from an investor perspective. The work is evaluated from three perspectives in the ranking system: environmental issues, social issues and governance.

In this year's survey, Fabege achieved 93 points, which means that the company is ranked as sector leader in the Office sector among listed real estate companies.


Fabege won EPRA´s "Financial best practices recommendations Award (BRP) 2019".

The award is an opportunity to recognise and reward those companies who are showing leadership in their reporting and build investors' confidence in the BRP standards.

Read more about EPRA >>

Signalen 3 - BREEAM-building of the year

Our tenant ICA's head office in Arenastaden has been awarded as "BREEAM Building of the Year" at the Sweden Green Building Awards 2019.

CERO benchmark - climate-friendly city district

We’ve been working for several years according to the CERO method, to develop sustainable travel to and from Arenastaden. In 2019 our city district Arenastaden has been awarded as "CERO benchmark - climate-friendly city districtr".

Read more about how we work with CERO >>


Changed 14 January 2021

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Value-adding certifications

All our projects and properties are environmentally certified to BREEAM-SE, an international system adapted to Swedish conditions.

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Targets and results

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